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Order Process?  

1.  Place your order online either filling out the information you want on your check, or designing it online
2.  Submit your order.
3.  We will layout the check for you and send you a proof, if you designed online will will send you a proof to confirm your design.  Generally this takes 1-2 hours during our hours of operation.
4.  You can make changes or approve the proof.
5.  We will print and ship that day if you approve your proof by 2pm EST.
6.  You will get a tracking number when your check is shipped.

How much is shipping?

Our system calculates shipping based on box size and your zipcode, so once you put the item in the cart you will see the shipping options and prices.
UPS and FedEx both use dimensional weight for most of the boxes we use, which means that the larger the box the more they charge and the actual weight of the package doesn't matter.

Where's my check design?  screen shots

•   If you have designed your check online (you must create an account to be able to come back to it), then log into your account and look for the  "CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS" link on the left of the page.
•   If you had us set it up then we will have your file on our servers, so just call in, or email your customer service rep, and we can take it from there.

Can I Hand Write on the Checks?

All of our checks can be hand written on using a wide tip permanent marker.  Dry Erase checks must use dry erase, wet erase, or Liquid Chalk markers.

Foam Checks?

We have found foam board big checks are just too fragile and get damaged many times before the presentation so we don't sell them.  Our plastic boards are far better, and less expensive than most cheap foam checks.

I have a file already for printing, can you print it?

Of course!  To order a check from your file simply choose the check(s) you want from our low price "Blank Check" pricing and place your order.  Send us the file and we will print it.  We prefer PDF or EPS files.

How much information should I have typeset on the check?

The more you can have us print on the check the better.  Hand written information rarely comes out as good as the computer can do, and usually doesn't have the same impact as the typeset and printed text.

On a Dry Erase check what should I have printed and what should I hand write?

Again, the more you can typeset/print the better.  Put your logo on the check as well as any constant information, such as the charity, amount, signature, etc.  

Does the glossy finish on the Dry Erase make photos difficult?

Yes, dry erase is glossy and you may need to take a few photos from different angles.  Sometimes tilting the check a little will help.

From a marketing / photo perspective what is the best way to go?

Avoid any hand written information and stick to the bold typeset/printed text and graphics.  Watch for overpowering check backgrounds that may obscure the information on the check, or compete with your logo.  It is all about the photo and the publicity you can get from it, so make it count.

Tell me about the "Roll-able" big checks?

Roll-able checks are great because they can be rolled up to be transported or shipped.  They are made of a semi-rigid plastic that can be compressed into a roll about 8" in diameter.  They snap open from the rolled state and lay flat for the presentation.  Great for the large checks that would cost a lot to be shipped in a flat state.

Can I get the check rushed and is there a charge for rush services?

Let us know when you are placing your order about your deadline and we will do our best to rush the process.  Every order is processed as quickly as possible and most orders come in and get shipped out the same day.

What Checks are reusable?

If you plan on using the same check for different presentations then the only option is the Dry Erase checks.  These checks are coated with a gloss dry erase finish that can be written on with Dry Erase markers and wiped off cleanly when done. 

Do I get a proof?

Yes, once we get the order and your logo (if you are using a logo), we will set up your check to your specifications and email a PDF to the address that you provided.  You can let us know if you have any changes or if its approved to go to print. Only after your approval will we print it. Be sure to check your email, we will be sending a proof within an hour or two.

How do I send a logo?

Use the file upload field while on the product screen, or upload after the order has been placed by clicking on "Upload Files" on the left bar and there you will get more information.  
Remember; the better the artwork that you send us, the better your print will be. We will notify you if your logo is a low resolution and won't work out.
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