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We have thousands of design online combinations to choose from.  Change colors, upload your own images and logos.

Ribbon Backgrounds for Big ChecksRibbon Backgrounds for Big Checks
Ribbon Backgrounds for Big Checks

Ribbon Backgrounds for Checks

Our Ribbon Background template is available in pink for breast cancer, as well as by using the eye dropper, you can make the ribbon any color you want.

Available in all of our Big Check sizes. Just choose a "customizable" check and choose "Design It Yourself" and choose the ribbon template.

•   Breast Cancer - Pink    •   Leukemia - Orange  •    Kidney - Orange  •    Uterine - Peach 

•   Appendix - Amber•   Childhood - Gold  •   Sarcoma or Bone - Yellow 

•   Non Hodgkin Lymphoma - Lime Green  •   Liver - Emerald Green  •   Ovarian - Teal 

•   Cervical - White and Teal  •   Prostate - Light Blue  •   Colon - Dark Blue  •   Stomach - Periwinkle 

•   Testicular - Light Purple  •   Pancreatic - Purple  •   All Cancers - Lavender 

•   Hodgkin Lymphoma - Violet  •   Skin - Black  •   Brain - Grey  •   Lung - White or Pearl

Color Change Fade Backgrounds for ChecksColor Change Fade Backgrounds for Checks
Color Change Fade Backgrounds for Checks

Fade Check Backgrounds


Fade backgrounds are available on all of our design online checks.  

Change to any color - Simply click the eye dropper and choose a color.

Logo matching - 1 - Upload your logo and place it on your check  2 - choose the eye dropper  3. click "Pick Color"  Place the curser on the color you want to match and Double Click it   4.  Click "OK"  

Your background full strength areas will now match your logo color.

Sports Themed Big ChecksSports Themed Big Checks
Sports Themed Big Checks

Sports Theme Backgrounds


Sports themes are best achieved with the thin line template with a continous fade in the background.

Choose the "Sports" background category and click any you like.

Available sports designs:  (and you can upload your own)

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Sailing

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Proof Process

When designing a check, your proof will be available for download before checkout. Download the PDF and get the approvals you need before checkout. 


If you approve the proof before 2:00pm EST Mon-Fri, then the check will print and ship that same day. We understand tight deadlines which is why we offer a variety of shipping options to help get you your product in time.  

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