Water City Wrestling Con

Water City Wrestling Con 2019

A little about our company: We are an independent professional wrestling company based out of Oshkosh WI. We started in 2013 running small shows and have grown to be the largest independent wrestling company in Wisconsin. Once a year we run a wrestling convention called Water City Wrestling Con which brings in former WWE, WCW, and ECW stars for a large autograph session followed by a full wrestling show. Part of that show is the Evil Roy Slades Battle Royal. It is a match where the competitors are thrown over the top rope to get eliminated from the match. The last one in the ring wins. We have utilized the big check as a vital part of the match to show what the winner receives. They then go on display at our wrestling training academy in Oshkosh.


www.ACWWisconsin.com and www.Facebook.com/ACWWisconsin are the best places to find information and photos from past events and about the company.


group of people outside of a building holding a 22" x 48" check

“PRMI presented the La Grange Kentucky Main Street program with a $2,500 check on Nov. 24. The money will be used to paint murals around Main Street, including outside the Main Street Welcome Center. Artist Mike Prather will draw the artwork, while special needs students at Oldham County High School will paint the murals.”

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