Washington West Film Festival

  • Anchored in the Washington, DC metropolitan area’s sophisticated technology and wine region, the Washington West Film Festival invites filmmakers, film lovers, industry professionals, and the media alike to experience a breathtaking autumn in and around one of the most influential places on earth. From historic Pennsylvania Avenue to the idyllic vineyards of Northern Virginia, Washington West is set to screen the very best films that filmmakers have to offer.

    “Story can change the world” is Washington West’s mantra. Selected films – with their diverse genres and themes – are the medium from which our audiences are invited to enter the world of story themselves. This is accomplished when 100% of Washington West’s box office net proceeds are given each year to projects committed to alleviating hunger, disease, displacement, or poor education around the world.

  • Upcoming festival dates: October 24 – 28, 2019
  • Website: wwfilmfest.com