Wells Wresting Team – Cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome

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Since hearing about a former wrestler’s son that has a rare fatal disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome the Wells Wrestling team has raised funds to help find a cure. They have a yearly fundraiser “Win for Spencer and Pin a Cure” where each wrestler gets sponsors for wins that they have throughout the season. Along with the season long campaign they have also had bake sales, sold t-shirts, had a pancake breakfast at a local restaurant The MAINE DINER, and sponsored a dance to raise money and awareness for this terrible disease. To date the Wrestling team has raised over $50,000.

We will continue to raise money for Spencer and Sanfalippo until there is a cure.

Thank you, Big Check Store for making our Big Check with Spencer’s picture in the background.


Tracy Tucker State Farm

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Tracy Tucker State Farm is a part of a program called “Quotes for Good”.

Every month we partner up with an organization. When new potential customers reach out  us for quotes and mention “Quotes for Good”, we donate $10.00 to that organization.

Last month we partnered up with the Fulfillment House. And they are AMAZING! They provide a quality work environment for adults with special needs and supports employees as they package and ship products, allowing them to reach their full potential and achieve a dignified, adult lifestyle. The Fulfillment House-“We not only fulfill orders, we fulfill dreams.”

We love being a part of “Quotes for Good”! And we love our big check.

You Jade and your team are awesome as well

Swift Systems


Swift Systems’ primary mission is to become our clients’ trusted advisor by delivering best of breed technology solutions that increase organizational productivity and scalability, lower operational costs, and evolve in their ever-changing business climate. Swift Systems’ primary philosophy is rooted in our approach to all those with whom we do business. We view our clients as strategic and professional partners and aim to foster long-term, fulfilling relationships. Each Swift Systems client is delivered a custom set of resources that is designed to employ the IT expertise that our company has accumulated from its long-standing presence as an IT solutions and services provider. These partnerships are formed by Swift Systems’ detailed understanding of our clients’ individual goals and operating environments.


Swift Systems’ three core values are what drive our professional and client-oriented business philosophies:

  • Provide the best customer service and support in the industry.
  • Commit to a long-term partnership with our clients.
  • Employ a personal consultative approach with leading, cutting-edge solutions.




Washington West Film Festival

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  • Anchored in the Washington, DC metropolitan area’s sophisticated technology and wine region, the Washington West Film Festival invites filmmakers, film lovers, industry professionals, and the media alike to experience a breathtaking autumn in and around one of the most influential places on earth. From historic Pennsylvania Avenue to the idyllic vineyards of Northern Virginia, Washington West is set to screen the very best films that filmmakers have to offer.

    “Story can change the world” is Washington West’s mantra. Selected films – with their diverse genres and themes – are the medium from which our audiences are invited to enter the world of story themselves. This is accomplished when 100% of Washington West’s box office net proceeds are given each year to projects committed to alleviating hunger, disease, displacement, or poor education around the world.

  • Upcoming festival dates: October 24 – 28, 2019
  • Website: wwfilmfest.com

Active Nutrition Amarillo

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I recently opened up a nutrition club called Active Nutrition Amarillo. As I grow my business, I want to do so by giving back to the community that I grew up in – I want to do it by partnering with various people/groups/organizations through fundraising opportunities. Our mission is to live healthy, have fun, and empower and serve the community with unity and integrity.


My website is cristincurl.goherbalife.com – but to see more of what’s going on at Active Nutrition Amarillo, you can follow us at www.facebook.com/activenutritionamarillo


Thanks so much for all your help! I’ll be referring other club owners in my organization to you!


— Cristin Curl

Active Nutrition Amarillo