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Large Checks (22"x48")

22x48 size comparison with 5 people

These Large Checks are great for presentations of 2 people to 6 people. 22"x48" is a great size because it's manageable and works for most sized audiences. It's right in the middle of the smaller size of the 18"x36" and the larger size of the 30"x60". The shipping is a reasonable price and production time is same day to one day.


Material options - First of which is the corrugated plastic material (Economy Board) which is used for all of the economy checks. It is less expensive and lighter than our 1/8" PVC material but has slight ridges in the surface (not seen on the camera). The PVC is a durable plastic that doesn't dent very easily. It is more expensive than the other materials, but it looks very professional and great for close-up viewing. We also offer a thinner PVC that has the ability to roll-up and save you money on shipping. It can also be rolled up after an event to make sure the person carrying it doesn't hit everyone on the way out of the building. Lastly, we have an environmentally friendly material called EnviroBoard. It is white and has the same feel as cardboard. This material recycles just like cardboard, so please recycle in cardboard bin after use.

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