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Economy Board

     Economy checks are printed on Corrugated Plastic. This plastic looks like a corrugated cardboard but is much sturdier. It is very lightweight, which makes it the best idea for traveling checks. The price on this is lower than our other checks that we offer. The only negative about this check is the corrugated lines that you can see on the printed face. Stand back 10 feet and you won't be able to see the lines. Cameras also have a hard time capturing the lines because it does not effect the color of the check.

     This material becomes especially useful in the larger sizes, such as our Giant Checks and our Biggest checks because it is easy to carry and hold onto during a picture. Shipping costs are lower as well because of the size it can fold down to.

Narrow your search by size:  18" x 36" Econ Board  •  22" x 48" Econ Board  •  30" x 60" Econ Board  •  47" x 94" Econ Board

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