How to use the design program

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We're going to go through how to customize your check using our design online program. Here are the topics we are going to cover:

  • Choose a Template
  • Upload Logo
  • Match Color
  • Edit Text
  • Create a Preview
  • Save and Recall
  • Submit to Print

Start by Choosing A Template


You can choose a template from the product page or in the design program itself. We have created many templates as a starting point for you. Our goal in creating these templates is to mimic regular size checks, but put an emphasis on readability so your company name, logo, and amount can be easily seen in a photoshoot opportunity. 


Don't worry about the text or imagery at this stage because in some of these you can customize the background color to fit your logo (more on that coming up). You're looking for a starting template that matches your company or event's message. Scroll down through the options to see all that is available before choosing the one that you like best. 


** Choosing a template will erase what is on the screen, so hold off on customizations until this step has been completed. 

Upload Your Logo

We will be reviewing your uploaded logo to ensure quality before we send it to the printer. This double-check helps reduce problems at your event. 

The best format to upload a logo is in .eps format. This vector format will produce a very high-quality print. We can also print other file types such as .jpeg and .png. Remember, these checks are BIG so it's important to make sure this isn't the logo from your e-mail signature. 

Once the logo is uploaded, click on it and it will go onto the page. If the logo automatically goes onto the page very small and you need to enlarge it, then it will most likely be too low quality to print. Ideally, dealing with a vector format such as .eps it goes onto the page close to the end size you want it to be. 

You can resize and move the logo around to find the perfect spot and size for it. Remember to leave enough white space around the edges to ensure that it does not crowd the edge of the check. 

Match Colors (Optional)

The design program has the option to change the background color. This is available on certain check backgrounds, such as the fade. You can take it one step further from one of the generic colors by using the color eyedropper to pick a color out of your logo to create a professional-looking check with a cohesive design. 

After you've finished placing your logo, click on the eye-dropper icon on the bottom and follow the instructions to pick the color out of your logo. 


If you don't like any element here, such as the logo, you can click on the logo and then on the eraser icon on the top. Be careful not to use the trashcan icon unless you want to start completely over because the eraser does an object, but the trashcan does the whole page. 

Edit Text To Be Seen Easier

The main point of the text is that it is legible from a distance. If you have too much text or too small of font, it becomes hard to read. The script font looks good for the signature but does not function well on the pay to the order of the line. 

When dealing with a lot of text in the pay to the order of or the "for" area, take advantage of the stacking text feature like featured on the left. Highlight the text, then edit in the "Edit Panel" (left). You can press enter where you want a line break to happen, center the text, make it bold, choose the size, center in location, and change the line-height if it's too spaced out. The example on the left is .8 line spacing from the "Edit Panel" (not seen on this screenshot it is available if you scroll down). 

Download a Preview

The preview option is great if you need to share the design around the office for approval. The downloadable PDF is easily sharable but has a watermark for Big Check Store. 

In the upper left corner of the design program is the button for "Preview". Once there you can get a larger size version of your design in order to check for mistakes. In the lower-left, there is a button that generates a PDF to download. 

Download this PDF and share it with anyone who may need to make approvals before it is sent to print. This is especially helpful when deciding between two different designs or logos. 



Save and Recall

In the design program on the upper-right, there is a button that says "Save". Click this and create an account or log into an existing account.

You can access your account by clicking on "My Account" on the Big Check Store and clicking on "My Designs" once you are in your account. Click "View Design" to bring it back into the designer to continue editing. 

Submit Your Designed Check to Print


Click on the "Proceed" button on the top right and follow the prompts to get to the shopping cart. From here, you'll be able to see what your shipping costs will be before you submit your order.

We are available during business hours to respond via live chat and will respond as soon as we are in the office if you submit a request outside of business hours.