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Big Checks (18"x36")

Bill Nye Big Check

18"x36" Big Checks are a good size to use with one or two people in a photograph. If you think you will be having more people in a photo, then you may want to look at some of our larger checks. In the picture featured here, you will see Bill Nye calling out Joe Bastardi for his recent comments regarding global warming.

They are easy to hold onto and are large enough for the lens of the camera to capture both people. At that distance, the camera will be able to make out exactly how much and who the check is from. Use these checks for publicity for your small or large business, but remember, it's not about the publicity, it's about who's life you will be effecting.

Material options - First of which is the corrugated plastic material (Economy Board) that is found in all of our economy big checks. It is less expensive and lighter than our 1/8" PVC material but has slight ridges in the surface (not seen on the camera). The PVC is a durable plastic that doesn't dent very easily. We also offer a thinner PVC that has the ability to roll-up and save you money on shipping. Lastly, we have a new environmentally friendly material called EnviroBoard. This material recycles just like cardboard. It has the feel of cardboard, but thicker and sturdier.


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