Make Your check Reusable

Fill out your check using dry erase marker and erase afterwards with ease.

Dry Erase Checks

Choose Your Size

person weighing scalesDry Erase vs One Time Use

Novelty checks can be used once or multiple times. One-time use checks have all the information printed or written on with permanent marker; these are typically handed off during the presentation for the recipient to keep. If you plan on holding on to the check for future use, dry erase lamination makes them reusable when written on with a dry erase marker. With the entire board covered in the lamination, you can write anywhere on it, wipe off and reuse. These are perfect for companies and organizations who plan on giving multiple donation presentations.

person with question marks around head

Material Options

Dry erase checks are available in two different material types. Economy board, also known as Coroplast®, is a fluted corrugated plastic with slight ridges on the surface. The ridges don’t interfere with writing or printing which makes this a great budget-friendly option. The other material is PVC board. This is a smooth plastic which makes for a more professional appearance. For the 18x36 and 22x48 sizes, both materials are shipped flat. When it comes to the 30x60, the Economy board is hinged and folded for shipping with tape provided for the seams to keep the check flat upon receipt. On the other hand, the 30x60 PVC check must ship flat which does result in high shipping costs.

person writing on check

Creating Your Customized Design

When it comes to design, the options are limitless. All dry erase checks are full-color printed and entirely customizable with as many logos, images, colors and text as you prefer. Use the design online feature to make these edits to achieve the desired design. This will then be printed and covered in the dry erase lamination, so make sure to leave out any information that may change from one presentation to the next. Not looking for anything fancy? Select any of our “Blank” checks and choose from a small list of backgrounds.

three people holding check

Using Your Check

Any field information that was left blank instead of printed can be filled out when you receive your dry erase check. Most dry erase and liquid chalk markers can be used but Expo® brand markers have been found to work best. The dry erase lamination does have a gloss finish which can cause a glare when it comes time to take pictures; it’s recommended to not use the camera flash and to hold the check at a slight angle. At the end of the day of your presentation before storing for future use, be sure to wipe off any marker with a soft cloth. If left on for too long, the marker will be harder to erase causing staining.




Free Ground Shipping for orders over $75 in the continental US - 30x60 PVC not eligible

Proof Process

We send out proofs within the hour of your order being placed during our business hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm EST. We require approval on all proofs before printing and shipping to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the product.


If you approve the proof before 2:00pm EST Mon-Fri, then the check will print and ship that same day. We understand tight deadlines which is why we offer a variety of shipping options to help get you your product in time. 

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions regarding the
ordering process, please feel free to use our Live Chat software to leave a message or catch us during business hours (8:30-5:00 EST) by calling 1-800-319-8184.