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The Big Check Store delivers big, large, giant, and oversized checks directly to your door in a surprisingly short amount of time. Upload your own logo and edit the text right here in our design online program. We understand planning events can be hectic, so we provide 5-star customer service to make sure your check looks great and arrives on time. Smile for the camera; you're changing lives. 


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Dry Erase Checks


If you plan on holding on to the check for future use, dry erase lamination makes them reusable when written on with a dry erase marker. With the entire board covered in the lamination, you can write anywhere on it, wipe it off and reuse it. These are perfect for companies and organizations that plan on giving multiple donation presentations.

What size check will fit my presentation?

The proper size for your check will be determined upon how many people are in the presentation and how far away the camera-person is located. When one person is giving a check to one other person, then an 18"x36" Big Check Size will be a good size to use. When using that size you will also want the photographer to be about 10 feet away because it will be easiest. A 22"x48" Large Check Size would work best for 2-6 people because it will make the words really easy to read and keep the check looking large. If there are a lot of people in a photo, like 7 or more, then it will make an 18"x36" seem smaller. Choosing a 30"x60" Giant Check Size will be perceived as bigger by comparison.

Football stadiums are an example of somewhere that the biggest check size would work out better because of how far your audience will be viewing it from. Our non-standard size is 47x94 which is recommended for people to see from a long-distance away. We have a way to hinge this check size so it can still be portable and carried from stadium to car.

Big Check Presentation: Photo Shoot Tips

When taking a picture, make sure the light is facing people in it. Having the light source at the back of the photographer will reduce the effects of shadowing in your picture. This angle will also help to make sure the check is very visible to the audience. Using a higher resolution camera will give you a better photo, so find someone with a high megapixel camera (new smartphones work well too). Alert your local news that you are giving to a charity and if it is worth note, they will include it in the paper. Make sure you have a good picture and a list of names of who is in the picture, who is giving, and who is receiving the money. Lastly, remember to smile because you're changing someone's life.

In my personal experience of getting people together to make a big check photoshoot happen can be a challenging task. I had to get the newspaper to show up at the correct time. Then I had to get the person receiving the check to find time during the newspaper's hours. We ended up handing the check off at a bookstore (where the volunteer for the animal shelter worked) during the recipients' work hours. It gained a lot of publicity for the people involved and the time spent organizing definitely paid off.

Should I use a dry erase?

If you will be using the big check multiple times, then yes and Dry Erase is available for most of our checks. We apply the lamination over the customized check design that you have created. It provides a glossy finish that does not allow the Dry Erase ink to penetrate and therefore can be wiped off. Liquid Chalk Markers are also good to use and clean off better than dry erase.

Tell us the story behind your donation check

We are always interested about how your donation went and the story behind your presentation. If you would like to share, we would like to hear about it via e-mail after your presentation has happened. We will put a short story of your organization, along with the picture of your presentation in our photo gallery page.

Big Check Photo Gallery

What will you use your big check for?


Show support for your favorite charity and encourage others to support them too with a big check at any event, photo opportunity, or ceremony. 


Motivate employees, team members, and competitors by showcasing sales incentives, bonuses, or winnings. 


Let your loved one know how proud you are of their recent accomplishment.  

Having Fun

Give a joke gift to a friend with a big fake check. 

Large Checks Update For 2021

We have made some amazing updates to the selection of backgrounds on all of our checks. These new backgrounds were developed in-house by our graphic designers to meet your requests. There is also the option to create your own background and directions on the product page on how to do so. This wouldn't have been possible without the introduction of our new big check design online program, which was upgraded last year. Based on your feedback, we hope to provide an easy experience for creating your large checks.